Presentations DevoxxUK and NYC Java Meetup Presentations

My presentations from DevoxxUK and the May meeting of the New York Java Meetup are now available Slideshare!

Code will be coming soon for the DevoxxUK presentation.

Combining R with Java

Java is a general-purpose language and is not particularly well suited for performing statistical analysis. Special languages and software environments have been created by and for statisticians to use. Statisticians think about programming and data analysis much different from Java programmers. These languages and tools make it easy to perform very sophisticated analyses on large data sets easily. Tools, such as R and SAS, contain a large toolbox of statistical tools that are well tested, documented and validated. For data analysis you want to use these tools.

In this session we will provide an overview of how to leverage the power of R from Java. R is the leading open source statistical package/language/environment. The first part of the presentation will provide an overview of R focusing on the differences between R and Java at the language level. We’ll also look at some of the basic and more advanced tests to illustrate the power of R. The second half of the presentation will cover how to integrate R and Java using rJava. We’ll look at leverage R from the new Java EE Batching (JSR 352) to provide robust statistical analysis for enterprise applications.

Developing in the Cloud

Configuring and maintaining a continuous integration environment is quite a bit of work. It requires ongoing resources both in terms of manpower and hardware infrastructure. As an application evolves so does the number of ongoing projects. The challenge is creating a scalable continuous integration environment which does not impede development and can handle the complexities of Java EE testing. This session covers how to setup and configure a cloud-based continuous integration environment for Java EE applications.

The presentation will focus on demonstrating how to use Atlassian Bamboo running on AWS to build and test a Maven/Gradle Java EE project that uses Arquillian for testing. Topics that will be covered include creating a custom AWS VM for use with Bamboo, creating an Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) along with test database using Amazon RDS. The presentation will delve into the specifics of testing EJBs, WebSocket endpoints, RESTful web services, as well as performing load testing in this environment. Security, cost control, and build monitoring will be covered as well.

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  1. Hi.. Thanks for “Combining R with Java” presentation.. Good info for a newbie like me.. By any chance is the video of this session available anywhere???

  2. Hi Ryan,
    thank you so much for the comprehensible presentation “Combining R with Java”, this is exactly what I was looking for! GREAT!!! But: Where can I find an example of this magical JSR 352 approach? Please give me a hint. I’ll buy your book anyway!! 😉

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