JavaOne 2015 – Voting

JavaOne 2015 is shaping up to be an excellent conference. This year I was invited to participate as a member of the selection committee for the Java EE track. This involves reviewing and voting on every submission and providing a written reason for each vote. Since there were hundreds of submissions this was an enormous amount of work. It was made harder with the quality of the submissions – I have no idea how the voting results will be distilled into such a small number of sessions for the conference.

The submissions ranged from presentations on existing server-side Java technologies to what’s coming in Java EE 8. I learned new things reading the proposals (and spent tons of times investigating really neat new open source projects). Java EE is a huge community with developers doing interesting projects all over the world. Not just interesting projects, projects that are products and services used by millions of people and which generate real money. If you have any doubt about the reach and impact of Java EE you need to attend JavaOne.

There were many impressive proposals on everything from JAX-RS to JPA, JSF, MVC (Java EE 8 web stuff), to Java EE + Angular and JavaScript web frameworks. Whether you are more server-side or web-UI, there will definitely be many days worth of content pertinent to your job. I have a list of sessions I am hoping make the final cut – seriously there are some I cannot wait to see.

Start making plans for JavaOne – convince your boss! What’s covered in many of these sessions would take weeks of research at the office. One of the values of JavaOne is that you get the big picture and really detailed technical information.

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