JavaOne 2015 Presentations

Slides from my JavaOne 2015 sessions are now online!

Session: Continuous Integration with Java EE 7 in the Cloud (CON2564)

Configuring and maintaining a continuous integration environment is quite a bit of work. It requires ongoing resources in terms of both manpower and hardware infrastructure. As an application evolves, so does the number of ongoing projects. The challenge is creating a scalable continuous integration environment that does not impede development and can handle the complexities of Java EE testing. This session covers how to set up and configure a cloud-based continuous integration environment for Java EE applications.

Slides: DevelopingInCloud_v1_3_final

Session: WildFly, Hadoop, JavaFX, and HTML5 in the Enterprise (UGF10306)

Large enterprise applications have a specific set of challenges that can be solved with the right combination of tools and techniques. In this session, comprising short lightning talks, you will get a quick overview of four technology areas and how various techniques in combination with the NetBeans IDE can help overcome typical problems you may encounter with WildFly, Hadoop, JavaFX, and/or HTML5.

Note: This was a panel – slides below are from my segment of the presentation.

Slides: JavaOne_NetBeans_2015

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