Accepted JavaOne 2014!

I’ll be presenting again JavaOne 2014! Two of my talks were accepted – both on Java EE:

50 EJB 3 Best Practices in 50 Minutes (CON1947)

This session provides 50 best practices for EJB 3 in 50 minutes with examples. These best practices involve not only EJB 3.2 but also its integration with other Java EE 7 technologies, not only coding best practices but also testing and production practices. The presentation targets Java EE 7 and also points out where best practices have changed, what patterns you should embrace, and antipatterns to avoid. This is a fast-paced presentation with many code samples. Categories covered include configuration, JPA, concurrency, testing, performance tuning, exception handling, CDI integration, JMS queue patterns, pattern changes, and many more.

Hybrid Mobile Development with Apache Cordova and Java EE 7 (TUT5276)

Java EE 7 provides a strong foundation for developing the back end for your HTML5 mobile applications. This heavily code-driven session shows you how you can effectively utilize Java EE 7 as a back end for your Apache Cordova mobile applications. The session demonstrates Java EE 7 technologies such as JAX-RS 2.0, WebSocket, JSON-P, CDI, and Bean Validation. It provides an overview of the basics of Apache Cordova as well as the tooling support added in NetBeans 8. The session also demonstrates an integrated approach to rapidly developing HTML5 mobile applications with Java EE 7 and NetBeans and concludes with best practices and pitfalls.


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