Presenting at JavaOne 2013!

I’ll be presenting at JavaOne 2013! Two talks were accepted – both on JavaFX.

HTML5 and JavaFX (CON2629)

The HTML5 juggernaut is radically changing client-side development on mobile devices as well as the desktop. Given the pervasiveness of HTML5, where does JavaFX fit in the picture? This presentation examines both HTML5 and JavaFX, covering the technical strengths and weaknesses of each. This is a code-intensive session with comparison code and examines the differences between JavaFX and HTML5 animation support, rendering capabilities, and performance. In addition, it covers how JavaFX can leverage HTML5 to get the best of both worlds.

Co-presenting with Michael Finocchiaro.

Moving from Swing to JavaFX (CON7852)

JavaFX has many new exciting features for desktop Java application developers. This session goes over how you can transition an existing large Swing application to JavaFX. It specifically discusses how this transition was approached in the development of a large Swing application with more than 32 custom Swing components and more than 150 screens. This code-intensive presentation shares the challenges the developers have run into as well as the gaps they have hit in both Swing and JavaFX. It covers best practices for moving an application to JavaFX and how the developers are leveraging JavaFX while migrating their existing user interface.

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