Ryan Cuprak is an e-formulation analyst at Enginuity PLM and president of the Connecticut Java Users Group that he has run since 2003. At Enginuity PLM he is focused on developing data integrations to convert clients’ data and also user interface development. Prior to joining Enginuity he worked for a startup distributed-computing company, TurboWorx, and Eastman Kodak’s Molecular Imaging Systems group, now part of Carestream Health. At TurboWorx he was a Java developer and also a technical sales engineer supporting both presales and professional services. Cuprak has earned a BS in computer science and biology from Loyola University Chicago. He is a Sun Certified NetBeans IDE Specialist. He can be contacted at rcuprak@acm.org.

Arquillian Error: ArchiveExportException

I ran into a baffling error the other day while working with Arquillian. I added Arquillian to a simple project requiring only the Java SE container for some “lite” CDI injection. However, when I went to run the unit tests, they failed:   [code lang=’java’] org.jboss.shrinkwrap.api.exporter.ArchiveExportException: File could not be created: target/test.jar at org.jboss.shrinkwrap.impl.base.exporter.AbstractStreamExporterImpl.getOutputStreamToFile(AbstractStreamExporterImpl.java:95) at …

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